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Many educational projects for primary schools in Verona

While CONAI is calling to the call of the primary and secondary schools in Italy by inviting them to participate in the contest "The Fantastic 6", Argo raises its educational projects for primary schools "At school of energy with Mr. Kilowattora" and "Ri Creation with Mr Kilowattora: the primary school discovers the recycling of waste".

The themes addressed in the competition and educational projects, touch on daily topics such as recycling, relatively the competition of the CONAI and the educational project of Argo "Ri Creation with Mr Kilowattora: the primary school discovers the recycling of waste" and energy efficiency, characteristic of the educational project "At school of energy with Mr. Kilowattora".

To briefly introduce these two educational projects of Argo Verona, dedicated to our future citizens currently attending primary schools, we want to give you some basic informations that you can deepen browsing the dedicated sections of our website

Educative project recycling and collectiong waste explained to the childrenenziata spiegata ai bambini- Educational project:"Ri Creation with Mr Kilowattora: the primary school discovers the recycling of waste"

An educational project whose purpose is to illustrate some of the good practices in the field of recycling and waste management, that allow you to achieve the best results in terms of recovery and recycling of materials collected.

The concepts are developed in two training lessons with the classes on the type of waste, on their recycling and more specifically on the glass, paper, various types of plastic, aluminum, and accumulators.


- make pupils aware of the problems related to excessive production of waste;

- distinguish the materials;

- know the location of recycling of various common materials suitable for recycling;

- evaluating the difference between the use of energy needed to create ex-novo various objects and that required to create the same objects starting from the differentiated collection;

- learn behaviors aimed at reducing the production of waste, encouraging the development in children of a base of critical consciousness and awareness of the personal duty of every person to participate in the better management of waste materials.

Educational project on energy for primary school

- Educational project:" At school of energy with Mr kilowattora"

A training course on energy and energy efficiency aimed at children of primary schools which is divided into two lessons to explain in simple and clear way the main basic concepts of energy:

  • what is it?
  • where does it come from?
  • how does it transform directly in nature and at cause of the human intervention?
  • what energy transformations take place inside our homes, intercalating into the reality of everyday


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