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Communication is also knowledge sharing

Web design & APPs: the corporate image on the web


Each corporate identity is strongly expressed by the image; the available tools are multiple and know them, it means have access to communication channels always more and more dynamic and changeable.

The limit of communication on paper is the Fixity; the fixity can be understood as stability, but, it is also synonim of slow and easy adaptability.

In this sense is important to place side by side to the "static" communication (flyers, brochure, newspaper and magazines) a serie of dynamic channels, easily manageable and modifiable in order to accommodate the demands of the market.

So, becomes strategic the development and the optimization of your own website, using it as a business tool and not seeing it as a static showcase in the web, but the beating part of the core business of a company.


Company that makes Web sites Verona


The Communication division uses a serie of specific strategies for this purpose:

  1. Analysis of the communication needs of business and technical and economic feasibility, including plans to return the initial investment.

  2. In accordance with the new corporate image and / or existing one, design and creation of multi language websites with complete restyling of the site from existing material, even paper.

  3. In the most complex cases, creation of specific management areas for contents and realized on the real requirement of the Client which transalte in autonomy for the updates.

  4. Writing the code using rules SEF® (Search Engines Friendly) developed by Argo that assure the possibility of obtain a good position on the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, ...) and that become the basis to obtain an excellent position if it is combined with the advanced web marketing service.

  5. Activation and management of the basis Web Marketing Campaigns.


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