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Published the third parties authorized list for periodic inspection of the equipment


ROME - The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development published Executive Decree of 19 September, the third list of authorized persons for conducting periodic audits of the equipment.

The decree provides what is stipulated by art. 71 "Obligations of the employer", paragraph 13, citing "The way of performing periodic checks referred to in Annex VII, and the criteria for the approval of public or private entities referred to in the preceding paragraph are determined by order the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Policy, in consultation with the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Policy, in consultation with the Permanent Conference for relations between the State, the regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, to be taken within twelve months from the date of entry into force of this decree. "

Terzo elenco dei soggetti abilitati alle verifiche periodiche delle attrezzature

The measure, in the same manner as established with the publication of the first and second list, establishes the duration of the entry of persons authorized to carry out periodic checks, the compulsory use of the computerized register, the obligation to retain documents for a period of not less than ten years, the possibility of being subject to control by the Commission to examine the documentation referred to in point 3.1 of Annex III of the DM 11.04.11, Commission will also be responsible for assessing the eligibility of any changes in the rule of law or fact authorized persons.

67 listed companies, classified by date of release, region and specific equipment for which they have obtained a permit.

There are three broad types of equipment provided:

    "Group Sc, lifting materials hand-operated dryers and centrifugal force" that comprendeapparecchi mobile, portable and fixed lifting materials reach more than 200 kg, self-propelled telescopic boom and centrifugal dryers;
    Group Sp, lifting persons, "which includes aerial ladders with adjustable tilt, bascule bridges, suspension bridges, working platforms, lifts and hoists;
    Group GVR, gas, steam, heating "which includes two categories of EQUIPMENT:" Pressure Equipment "and" Collections: assemblies of equipment by a manufacturer as sets CE certified according to the Legislative Decree n. 39 of 25 February 2000. "

This list replaces the previous one attached to the Executive Decree of 30 July 2012.

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