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Theoretical and practical training of Emergency Management Teams


Promote safety with an effective management of emergencies: according to the latest legal requirements, every company mest chose a certain number of workers responsible for implementing prevention,  fire and fire fighting, evacuation of the workplaces in case of serious and imminent danger, rescue, first aid and in any case of emergency management for each plant.

Know how to deal, how to manage, how to solve an emergency in the workplaces is very important to preventivate or reduce the gravity of fires and of the damages to the workers' health and to the integrity of company plants.
For this reason, the training of the responsibles of the emergency teams is a very important moment: it must be effective, it must cover together elements of theory and practice and must consider the individual and collective reactions to the various emergencies that can happen in a company.

training and management of emergencies verona

The goals and the training purposes are:

  • provide resources applicable to real-world context to effectively evaluate and manage fire emergencies or health ones, in the context of the daily activity;

  • develop the sense of observation aimed to individuate the potential sources of risk and the no conform of the workplaces;

  • trained to deal effectively with critical situations, thinking of your own safety first, according to the principle of auto-protection;

  • teach and manage properly an emergency by adopting proper modes of communication, also in order to avoid possible emotional reactions to panic.


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