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Morocco: the largest solar thermal plant in the world is going into action

Please note: past event

The largest solar power plant in the world which extends on an area of 35 football fields in Morocco will be able to satisy the energetic needs of about 1.000.000 people. It will be inaugurate next month in Sahara desert, near Ouarzazate city.

The solar complex will use 3 different technology systems:

  1. a concentration solar power plant of 160 MW;
  2. a thermodynamic solar power plant with parabolic mirrors of 300MW;
  3. a serie of cylindrical parabolic collectors for a total of 150 MW.

You talk about a general operation mechanism different from a photovoltaic one because it provides the accumulation of solar radiations under the form of heat turned into electricity during the night thanks to the help of a heat turbine. The result is assured by the fact that the mobile mirrors are always pointing toward the Sun which is a sure and constant element in the african desert. It's estimated that at its total full power the plant will produce energy for 20 hours per day.

The construction of this solar power plant of 500 MW, designed by the Saudi company ACWA Power, is a guarantee of a greener future and it represents the first step of a wider program that is pointing to free Morocco from the importation of fossil fuels.

The goal is to obtain the 42% of electric energy from renewable sources within 2020 resulting in cutting 32% of carbon dioxide emissions for 2030. Also for Europe, the consequences could be positive; infact the selling of eztra megawatt could favor the flow of clean energy toward the Old Continent.

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