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Edition 2016 of the awareness campaign on energy saving M'illumino di meno (I enlighten me less)

Edition 2016 of the awareness campaign on energy saving M'illumino di meno (I enlighten me less)

Please note: past event

M'illumino di meno (I enlighten me less) 2016 reaches its 12th edition thanks to the efforts of Caterpillar Radio 2 that makes use of the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, the accession of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, the patronage of the European Parliament, as well as the accession of hundreds of municipalities.

This edition present the largest radio campaign to raise awareness on energy consumptions, historical program broadcast from Monday to Friday on Radio RAI 2 from 5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

In the edition 2016 of M'illumino di meno are confirmed:

  • the story on air of the best practices in energy conservation in Italy and abroad
  • the mapping of the thousands of signatures to the campaign
  • the shutdowns that symbolically represent an act of consumption reduction, with a live broadcast dedicated on Feb. 19, 2016, the final day of the campaign.

Over the years, the M'illumino di meno day gas turned off some of the most famous monuments of Italy and Europe and it has became a party creating a sort of competition in inventing new ways to join, not only turning the lights off but also organising themed events on the territory: for example from the the volleyball team who trains by candlelight to the museum which organizes a visit with the only natural light, from the spin turn off lights in schools to the expert of consumption rationalization turning in downtown shops dressed as a superhero.

M'illumino di meno 2016 bike the nobelParallel with these, the news of this year edition are numerous: the day of the energy saving is introduced by the Bike The Nobel, the campaign promoted by Caterpillar in the Bycicle is candidated as Nobel Price fot the peace. Bike The Nobel joins all the world of cycling: from the biggest Italian professional cyclists to the amateur associations, the workshop for bikes and all those who are riding to and from work or for pleasure.
The campaign includes a signatures double collection: those of some Honourables who will present the official application and a more popular one of signatures that will be delivered at the end of cycling group travel from Milan to Oslo within the official expiry of February , 1st, 2016.

The invitation to promote the use of the bicycle and the use of all the low energy vehicles as a symbol of peace and environment respect innervates the edition of this year of M'illumino di meno, also with the object of improve the practices related to the sustainable mobility in the cities (bike sharing, public transport,...).

The communication campaign of M'illumino di meno, this year, is articulated in this way: Bike The Nobel, presence of Caterpillar at the Worldwide Conference on Climate, COP21 in Paris in December 2015 and after, the approachment to the 19th of february dedicated to the traditional and symbolic "energy silence" in name of the efficiency and intelligent use of energy that is resulting in the switching off of monuments, places, shop windows, offices, classrooms and private rooms.

Furthermore, after the success of the last year, Caterpillar proposes again a space dedicated to the world of the school with some episodes focused on the story of acceptances of schools of all levels.

Superkilowattora educative project energy saving primary schoolAbout the theme of energy saving in schools, also Argo as an operating  company in the field of the face-to-face education in schools, developed and realized some formative projects for primary school pupils, such as "At school of energy with Mr. Kilowattora" aimed to transfer to the young students the foundamental concepts on saving and energy efficiency and, more targeted to the world of recycling, the educative project "Re-creation with Mr Kilowattorawhose purpose is to illustrate some of the good practices in the field of recycling and waste management.

The news strategic philosophy: the Content Marketing VS Traditional Publicity

The news strategic philosophy: the Content Marketing VS Traditional Publicity


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