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Smartlight allows to save energy at home

Please note: very old information

"Click" is the first action that you do when you get in house: you turn on the light. Lighting is the thing that makes a difference between a normal house and your own house. The light turned on animates the house and makes it alive because it is an accurate reflection of its owner.

The concept of "saving energy" is often placed side by side to the lighting technology. it is a concept that can become real in our quotidianity when we talk about "Smartlight".

Smartlight is the electronic device, CE certified, for saving energy in the indoor lighting installations compatible with any kind of lamp and any kind of plant.

The payback period seems to be 4 times lower and the costs 5 times lower than that of LED products. It is also constructively more robust and durable and have the advantage of a non-invasive installation. The istallation is also fast and with no changes to the pre-existent lighting plant.

Smartlight realised to save energy at home

Smartlight is based on an architecture microprocessor hardware and it is able to recognise and manage independently any kind of lamp by obtaining the maximization of the energy savings in any type of application.


Smartlight is configured to capture, through the sensors it has got, the information from the surrounding environment and then automatically manage the switching on and off of the lamps to which it is connected, through the implemented in software control algorithm, according to the real needs of the environment in which lighting is installed and depending on the momentary need for use of the level of illumination by the persons present in that environment.

Moreover, the generated saving by using Smartlight is not only an energy saving. Infact, you can obtain a saving for both maintenance and replacement parts of the lamps and for its prerogative to leave the lights burning only when really necessary (obtaining, for this reason, a quadrupling of life of the lamps) but also for its capabilities of suppression of the impulse overvoltage and slow transients. Phenomenons that, according to recent studies, represent the leading cause of of damage either of discharge lamps that those filament.

Smartlight, obtained the approval by the GSE (Manager of Energy Services, in english) as "the best solution for energy efficiency for lighting systems", thanks to its production of significant energy savings in all applicative contexts and with any type of lamps.


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