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Campaigns for measuring polluting substances


Essential part of the process of risk assessment (required by law) and of the analysis of the work environment are the measurements of any contaminants.

The legislation provides for maximum exposure levels for each of these pollutants, which are also the maximum values in 8 hours or in the short term.Measurement campaigns of pollutants

For pollutant don't mean exclusively the chemical agents (all chemical elements or compounds either alone or in mixtures thereof prepared) but all the determinants that may cause harm to the environment or to those who work in that environment:

  • Determinants of PHYSICAL type: noise, vibrations, microclimate, ionizing and non ionizing radiations, lighting
  • Determinants of CHEMICAL type: dusts, fumes, mists, gases, vapors

  • Determinants of BIOLOGICAL type: virus, bacteria, protozoa, parasites

Knowing the levels of exposure allows the employer to take the right measures and safety information to be taken with the workers.

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