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Management of industrial waste and its potential re-use


At a time in which the optimization of already scarce resources becomes always more important is essential to mange and valorise the most of all the processes of production company.

Last but not least, becomes strategic the ability to reuse and to maximize production waste.

The process of recovery of waste, as well as the treatment of industrial sludge, in addition to containing the volume of waste at landfills, moderate the work of disposal facilities for the benefit of reducing pollution, is aimed to the following activities:

Industrial waste management and their possible exploitation

  • production of by-products for redevelopment and remediation of brownfield sites;

  • production of bricks by special furnaces;

  • production of secondary raw materials to be used in various industrial applications;

  • transformation into energy, in the form of pellet fuel (RDF) to be allocated to cement kilns and incinerators;

  • Production of biogas to be allocated to the generation of electricity

The Environment Division of Argo is able to individuate for each production cycle, the solution technically and economically most advantageous with establishment of the processing and utilization of industrial waste.

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