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Moringa a miracle plant to feed humanity

Haiti is one of the Country which has suffered one of the wildest deforestations in the last few years.

Trees and plants that grow on the Caribbean Island are considered very precious and one of these particular plants is nicknamed as "the miracle tree": it's Moringa. Moringa is a shrub that can reach till 5 meters high, it's , resistant to drought and it grows very fast. Moreover it is a "miracle tree" because it feeds the whole communit. and, looking to the future, it could have a very important role in order to nourish the poorest areas in the world.

"You can eat this leaf in this way. JUst you cut it: it's enough to satisy children and it is very cimple to cultivate,"

explaines Daniel Tillias, memeber of the agicultural community of Cite Soleil.

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