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Google Electric Car: more road safety, less congestion, more fun

Why would we need a car that drives itself ?
    "To increase security , first and foremost. Every year in car accidents, 33 000 people die in the U.S. alone . Was the first cause of mortality in the range of 4 to 34 years ..." .

Go ahead for the Google Car, reveals the Financial Times, the latest news in Mountain View that brings into play his electric car that drives and brakes itself.

That sounds science fiction , it's actually a car without a driver, which allows it to move with confidence, to all intents and purposes girlfriend of energy efficiency, ecology and above all, of road safety.

More road safety with the new electric car Google

This is just the starting point for the creation of this autonomous vehicle whose prototypes are already being tested in California for several volunteers to improve road safety and help a lot of people who can not drive by activating the car by pressing a button that it will start providing a controlled speed (currently the project includes prototypes with speed set at about 40 km / h ), which will significantly reduce the risk of road accidents , columns in traffic jams ... to say , the possibility of eliminating traffic lights and round.

The video is the presentation of the proposed new electric car by Google, tested by simple people of all ages who clearly appreciate the performance of the vehicle during the test as they can safely enjoy the landscape, greet, divert your eyes from the road ... incredible but for the performance of the car, you might as well play cards quietly , eating and sleeping ; we think the car by itself to bring you to your destination .

Do not believe us ? Watch the video for yourself!

As evidenced by the first passengers volunteers who have had the opportunity to climb on board , we must overcome the psychological hurdle of a car without a steering wheel or accelerator pedal or the brake but the result , developed and refined over time, ensuring road safety, time saving and comfort, drivers and passengers will definitely help to overcome it in no time.


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