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Interview to Andrea Tomiozzo: the point of view of the Energy Manager Experts

e7 is the weekly digital newspaper of Energy that looks to the future of Italian energy.

In the edition n. 31 of 7 May 2014 was published an interesting interview with our Director of Energies and Environment Division of Argo, Andrea Tomiozzo, edited by the journalist Ivone Carpinelli.

The ARTICLE wants to present and analyze the role played by the new figure emerging in the energy field of the Expert in Energy Management, the EGE.

In his interview, our Director answers some questions posed by a journalist in a simple and clear taking the opportunity to present the Association of Experts in Energy Management (AssoEGE) of which he is a co-founding member and vice-president.
Alongside him in the interview later in the same article, Eng. David Mariani, who was also a co-founding member and advisor to AssoEGE.


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