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Argo Group

Argo Group

Argo Group

The business experience and the professionality gained since the early '90 allowed to the founders, Andrea and Simone Tomiozzo, to create in March 2004 Argo Company, that is on the market like technical society of services and advanced consulting in the three macro sectors that constitute the company core business: the ENVIRONMENT, the ENERGIES, the COMMUNICATIONS.

Argo gather three macro deeply connected and oganised sectors in a synergy that offers to the Client Companies, high value added services and characterized by the highest quality of its competences.

Today, Argo is a corporation affirmed by strong qualities such as the experience, dinamism and flexibility, constantly recognized and confirmed by its own Customers.

The approach of Argo to a new Customer is based on the deep analysis of his operating modes in a vision, the widest possible, to reach in the right times to individuate the best actions to follow to gain the best results.

In providing a service or in individuating the best product to gain the goals of the Customer, ARGO is the partner that becomes your reference point.

ARGO individuates solutions, operating modes and provides training to the resources.


Argo Verona  technical Company of advanced services and consultingFor Argo, Environment is the place where men lives and works: the first task is to make it surer and adapted to the requirements of qulity and security required by law respecting at first the needs of human resources.

For Argo, Energies are the essential engine of life: know and optimize their usage, reduce their costs of supply and generation, analyze and restrict or eliminate waste, are the primary objectives to follow.

For Argo, Communications are the vital fluid of modern society; since it exists, the Man felt the need to communicate, to interact and to make known.
The primary objective is to present himself ina a effective way to the external world using all the available technologies.

Continued growth

Argo Verona technical Company of advanced services and consultingAfter the investment for the start-up, ARGO develops year by year, its own sectors of membership with dedication and tenacity. An increasing growth of activity and the continuos appreciation of the market bring the corporation to become the reference point for the resolution of specific themes of its Customers.

After few years, an important aim is achieved expanding the operational structure and inaugurating the new headquarters in Via Evangelista Torricelli, no. 12, always in San Martino Buon Albergo, Est Verona.

The activity is projected to rise thanks to the adoption of the most recent technologies of Telecommunication, always useful to reduce distances and answer in real time to the urgencies that increasingly characterize the actual world of work.

The Market recognized ARGO as the consulting partner for analysis and corporate strategies and the quality assurance is the responsibility that it becomes even before accepting assignments.

The goals of the corporation are realizing themselves one after the other thanks to the constance, wilfulness and resposibility of each component of ARGO Group.

The projection of Society is always positive in order to profit and market share, confirming itself an economically solid Society that follows peacefully in its own activity.

ARGO is sailing on important routes conquering day by day the trust of Customers.

Mission and Approach

Argo is technical partner in the analysis and problem solving and in meeting the needs of the increasingly demanding customers.

Coordinate projects and resources, create joint-ventures with companies and professionals, search and apply solutions,  have became objectives to follow to obtain a presence increasingly effective in the market.

Argo adopts a business model “customer oriented” aimed to gain and maintain the trust and loyalty of customers by supplying the experience and knowledge that the company enjoys.

"We work well today for a peaceful tomorrow"

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