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AFS Argo File Server

The easier and safer solution for the exchange of files and documents through the Web

Argo Files Server is the solution for the exchange of documents and files of big dimensions: a simple and surer way to transfer documents to Customers, vendors or collaborators through the internet internet and preserving all in your corporation.

Argo Files Server provides access via the Internet to folders of documents into a specific computer of the corporation, that is the AFS, allowing in safety and simplicity, the sharing of your own documents.

Argo Files Server to exchange big files safely


  • Each folder of the Server Files is linked to an entered and authorized user.
  • The user enters in the AFS through a safety zone and types user name and password.
  • Each user views only the content associated to his name and he can download them or upload other necessary.
  • The contents are uploaded and downloaded automatically and through the e-mail pass only the notifications of made activity.

Total security and control of all traffic

  • Notification of movements of Upload/Download: each movement of file is notified by the administrator and by users who receive from the system all the informations related to the uploading or downloading of a file; in each moment is possible to know the state of moving of a document.
  • Registration and operation log: a registration system "LOG" guarantees the traceability of all the operations made into the Server Files, creating an historic of the movements.
  • Functions of search and management of permits: from the security area the admininstrator can always search a document into the folder of the Customer and manage the statistics on the activity of the user.
  • Send files of big dimensions: can be transferred files of any type and dimension.

Screenshots Example

Argo Files Server login screen
Argo Files Server upload screen
Argo Files Server download screen
Argo Files Server administration area screen



Argo File Server

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