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AFS Argo Files Server

The easier and safer solution for the exchange of files and documents through the Web

Argo Files Server
  1. Why might I need of a Files Server System ?

    Why is an increasingly widespread need to transfer between customers, vendors, collaborators, files and documents of big dimensions and with the email these activities have often some problems at cause of the slowness of the internet or because the email folders are small, with few space.

  2. Where are physically files that are shared ?

    Being the server in your corporate network files and documents are always with you, protected as all the other computers in your company are.

  3. What are the users of the Server Files ?

    The users of the Server Files are the folders. Each user find in his folder the documents to him reserved and each user can only see his.

  4. How many users can be created ?

    It only depends on the dimension of the server disk but the ability of today's computers has no limits, are practically all those you want.

  5. I haven't a dedicate server in my corporation, what can I do ?

    Buying Server Files is possible to require even the providing of a dedicated server to the sharing of documents. Current costs of our proposal are about 500 euros.

  6. How is the installation of Server Files ?

    Being the installation, specific for each Customer, a technician of ours will decide with you the day for the installation.

  7. I haven't a dedicated IP address, what might I do ?

    Server Files and the computer where it is installed must be reachable via internet for users who must download and upload documents. Without a dedicated IP we provide you on request, a third-level domain name (ex: able to update the dns with your IP automatically.

  8. In what environment is developed the software Files Server ? Microsoft or Linux ?

    The current version 8.02 of the software Argo Files Server is developped in Linux with the support of the Apache webserver and MySql database. Our technical staff is developing the possibility to have the version 9 developed in ASP.Net of Microsoft.

  9. What are the hardware resources that I need to install the Server Files ?

    As already showed, being the installation of Server Files a dedicated activity for each Customer, our technicians are at your disposal to evaluate the Hardware resources already existing in your corporation; if they could be satisfying or less.

  10. How much is the Argo Files Server software?

    Our sales office is at your disposal for analysis and free estimates, because each installation of the Server Files software can be customized. Meanwhile, request for a free test by filling out this simple request.



Argo File Server

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