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PICIL: Lighting Plan for Pollution Containment Bright

PICIL: Lighting Plan for Pollution Containment Bright

Veneto Region was the first Italian region to become aware of the phenomenon of light pollution, and approved in June 1997, the Law no. 22 on "Guidelines for the prevention of light pollution."

Subsequently, the Veneto Regional Council approved the August 7, 2009, no. 17, "New regulations for the containment of light pollution, energy saving lighting, outdoor and environmental protection and the activities carried out by astronomical observatories."

With this regional law was intended to promote:

  • the reduction of light pollution and light, as well as the reduction of energy consumption from it;
  • the uniformity of the design criteria for the improvement of the quality of light equipment for road safety;
  • protection from light pollution of the research carried out by the scientific and popular astronomical observatories;
  • protection from light pollution of the natural environment, also as a territory, the natural rhythms of animal and plant species, as well as the ecological balance inside and outside of protected natural areas;
  • protection from light pollution of goods landscape;
  • the protection of the vision of the starry sky, in the interest of the regional population;
  • the distribution to the public of issues related to light pollution and the training of technicians with expertise in lighting.

For this, the collaboration between the Divisions of Argo, Energies, Environment and Communications, offers mentoring and assistance to municipalities Veneti who are working to acquire the PLAN FOR CONTAINMENT OF LIGHTING LIGHT POLLUTION (PICIL), the act of municipal planning for the construction of new lighting systems and plan to modify, adjustment, maintenance, replacement and integration in existing lighting installations in the municipality, with the objective of limiting light pollution for the development of the area, improve the quality of life, the safety of traffic and people and energy saving.

If you would like City Council to have more information and/or advice on PICIL, visit or contact:

Secretary ARGO div. PICIL
Via Evengelista Torricelli 12
37036 San Martino Buon Albergo, Verona
Telefono: 045 9691 855
Fax: 045 9691 856



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