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ARGO is continuing to grow

ARGO is continuing to grow

ARGO Advanced Consulting Services Technical Society

ARGO founding in 2004 as a Technical Society, developed over the years their areas of origin, the environment, energies and communications, with dedication and tenacity.

A continuous rise of the activity and a continued appreciation of the market led the company to become the reference point for the resolution of specific issues of its customers, thanks to the creation and online publication of first corporate website in 2004, to give highlight the areas of business activity and the close ties that correlates them.

Argo and the argonauts continue to challenge crisisare con successo la crisiAlready in 2009 an important milestone was reached by ARGO it expands the operational structure that provides for the inauguration of the new headquarters, in San Martino Buon Albergo in the province of Verona.
The business is projected to rise alongside the adoption of the latest technologies in telecommunications objectives ARGO materialize one after another, thanks to the perseverance and responsibility of each member of the Group which, today, 2013, can boast a projection of the Company always positive in relation to turnover, profit and market share, confirming a company economically sound which continues peacefully in their business.

Argo verona overtakes crisisFor this reason, ARGO choose to open the doors to foreign markets and potential customers across the Alps, to put in showcase their skills, to field their professional experience and skills in the field of energy, environment and communications through the complete redesign of its website, realizing multilingual Italian - English, that can be operated easily and efficiently.
In fact, the creation of an administrative area tailored to the various types of site, also offered to its Customers, allows the insertion, modification, and update the site in real time with new content, images and files download.

ArgoIT verona technical society vs the crisis 

A step really value for ARGO, that is sailing on important routes challenging daily crises and conquering day by day the confidence of its Customers.



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