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Training programs for primary school

Training programs for primary school

Argo is pleased to present you all the training projects carried out by Argo about energy and energy efficiency, the responsible waste management and environmental sustainability dedicated to primary school pupils.

Starting from the town of Affi in the province of Verona, these educational programs are born from the encounter between the sensitive institutional reality, the municipality itself and Argo, which provides for almost twenty years professional services and advanced consulting in the areas of energies, of environment and communications.

The municipality of Affi, and we hope that also in the future there will be many other municipal sensitive realities to these issues, and Argo have renewed their belief in fundamental values and shared the faith in the future, in this case represented by primary school children.
This value, trust, led to a major investment in mutual aims to give children the concepts, elementary and basic ones, that characterize energy transformations, the "efficiencies" that can be applied in the generation and use of energy, reduction, reuse and recycling of materials that often waste can become Secondary Raw Materials for new and, above all, "clean" uses.

Training projects for primary school

Mr Kilowattora, the character created by Argo to guide children between various worlds training, is the champion of the energy that transforms into Super Kilowattora when he sees a waste of energy. He uses simple languages and appropriate examples together  with the stimulus to invite children to create and express through their drawings, with fantasy, concepts and ideas related to energies, waste collection, recycling of waste.

Mr Kilowattora is not meant to teach everything, but rather aims to "turn on a few light bulb" of interest and creativity in the lively minds of children. Enhance the creativity mental and manual one.

The industry, the service sector and the civil sector are still huge room for improvement in energy efficiency, collection, sorting and re-creation of waste; we strongly believe in the contribution that children and, as future citizens of the world, as future workers, technicians, managers and business men can make for the good of our planet and for future generations.

"We work well today for a peaceful tomorrow"

For more details, see the jobs and achievements made by the children in class and at home; browse through the photos of the training lessons and why not, play with Mr Kilowattora's quiz and sing together the songs teached to the children, we invite you to enter the blog ... and if you liked it then please leave a comment, will be happy to answer you!


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