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How must we react in case of fire in the workplace?

How must we react in case of fire in the workplace?


In the event that the flames and smoke spreading into the room where we need:

  1. away quickly closing the door of the room;
  2. alert staff to emergency management, to be called the Fire Department by dialing "115";
  3. follow the procedures that are scheduled and remain in the column next to the nearest escape route pending issued the order a general evacuation.

If the notice of fire can not be given by means engineers and / or sound are advised first employees working in offices located on floors above and / or adjacent to the premises on fire.
In the event that the fire is relatively far away from the place where you are located, you must wait until the persons responsible diramino directives evacuation. Everyone is obliged to follow the procedures established by the Emergency Plan.
Emergency fire: how to behave
If there is a lot of smoke, walking bent over, protecting nose and mouth with a wet handkerchief (if possible) and get to a safe place such as external stairs, smoke-proof. It 'best to hold hands and as far as possible remain calm.

If the situation is not critical it is recommended to open the windows of the top floor of the stairwell and also the door that leads to the terrace. Doing so facilitates the removal of hot smoke and fire is improved, in the first moments, the evacuation of the building.
In the case in which in the path leading to emergency exits there were flames and smoke, head outside using the stairs alternative outflow.

Even if the stairs were invaded by smoke and flames, move on the terrace of the building, or, in case of unavailability of the latter, return to your office room, taking care to close the door and signal their presence through the windows or, rather, remaining in the balconies.

If the office on fire is below the room where you are, do not open the windows and conservatively remove any material from these place nearby that can burn (curtains, furniture, accessories, etc..).

In the case that the place where there is not possible to evacuate the outside, it is essential to go into the safe place if possible static (if it exists), or, alternatively, in the local baths (presence of water and a little combustible material ), or remain in the environment in which there is located, taking care to completely close the access door. Place clothing available within the recesses.
The windows in the room if there is no smoke, should be kept closed.
The furniture (cupboards, cabinets, tables, chairs, etc..) must be removed from the door and approached near a window, if there is more than one, or in a place away from the window as opposed to the expectation of those present.

Remove acrylic clothing People who wear acrylic and synthetic (nylon, polyester, etc.) should remove them. Clearly, it is necessary to report the rescuers gathered outside the presence forced the environment.

Do not use lifts and elevators for evacuation and escape routes not go in the opposite direction to the normal flow of evacuation (or all descend or climb all). During the evacuation, all doors of protected stairs, smoke-proof after use must be closed.

If you are not prepared not groped to extinguish a fire with the existing equipment (fire extinguishers) or fixed (hydrants), especially when the flames intensive expansion.

If the fire involved a Emergency fire: how to reactperson is necessary to prevent this can run, also with the strength you have to force her to relax and then smother the flames with clothing, blankets or anything else. The use of a CO2 extinguisher may cause to the victim suffocation and burns. Reached the outer areas, those who do not have specific duties under the Emergency Plan must remain in the collection areas possibly located at a distance from the entrances of the building not to obstruct rescue and extinguishing Public Utilities Department (Fire Department, Red Cross, Police, etc..).

Keep in mind the numbers of National Public Aid:

"115" - Fire
"113" - Police
"112" - Police
"118" - National Health Service



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