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Living "green" even in the office

Living "green" even in the office

The place where we spend most of our time and one of the places where the waste of paper, ink and electricity are on the agenda .... impossible to live "green"!

No, live "green" in the office, you can, just following these 10 simple tricks.

  1. Plants for officeCultivating clean air

    Plants are not just a nice piece of furniture but good allies in absorbing harmful emissions and increase oxygen to the company. The indoor plants can also play a key role in the prevention of Sick Building Syndrome, a set of disorders related to the microclimate unhealthy that can be created in offices that see a lot of people work closely with poor ventilation, poor lighting conditions or systems and ventilation is not functioning.
    Symptoms include headache, difficulty concentrating, sore eyes and inflammation of the airways.

  2. Ecologic coffee breakThe pause Caffee ... sustainable

    Bring a reusable mug from home and use it where possible, instead of the usual plastic cups, is certainly a more sustainable way to address the coveted minute break. The usual machines could be replaced by devices on loan for use coffee capsules compatible with biodegradable for a relaxing moment to talk with colleagues who should not fall on the environment.

  3. Washable boxes for foodsThe return of the "bag"

    Bring lunch from home in reusable containers is a smart way to produce no trash, recycle the leftovers from the night before and not to burden the wallet. If your office has a cafeteria, encourage employees to use washable dishes cutlery and glasses and not plastic. Instead of ordering lunch for a stroll up to the bar and bring it to the office yourself: you will not enter into the atmosphere emissions of delivery. Bring forks, cloth napkin and glass house and inform the restaurant not to include them in takeaway.

  4. Stop to too much photocopiesTake a cutting photocopies

    Needless to duplicate entire folders of printouts and forecasts for all your colleagues before a meeting. Documents as they are loaded on a shared drive so that everyone can access instantly and with any support.

  5. I reduce, recycle, reuse

    The paper used in the office is largely recycled, but this too often leads us to turn a blind eye on the amount of paper that is wasted. Reduce, recycle, reuseIn any case, use recycled paper for printing and copying: you reduce your water footprint by 55% and energy consumption by 60-70% compared to those who opt for virgin paper.
    Also, being more opaque and rough blank sheets of paper, recycled sheets allow you to print double-sided without that what is printed on one side, see also the other.

  6. Stop the massacre of post-it

    Stop to too much post-itYou have commitments and deadlines to keep in mind completely? For a list of things to make more sustainable prevents the leaflets and stores your tasks on your smartphone or on the calendar e-mail. If you just can not help but write, do it on a magnetic board to hang on the wall. Every day you can erase and start over, without wasting paper.

  7. Adjust the printer settings

    Toner settingPrint in black and white, if you can, and in how fast or economical to save even more ink. Where possible, try to reduce the margins and the font size to let in more text on a single page: limiterai paper consumption. Sets the duplex by default and change the settings from time to time if necessary.

  8. Put the computer to sleep

    Pc stand-byRemove screen savers that consume energy when you're not at your desk and instead set the computer to go into sleep or hibernate after more than 10 minutes of not being used. Remember to turn off the screen after you have turned off the PC, and do not leave appliances on stand-by at the end of the day before the weekend.
    A study last year of 800 companies in the UK has shown that computers left on stand-by cost each year to all UK businesses an astonishing 34 million euro.

  9. Turn off the lightRemember to turn off lights

    When you leave your desk to go to a meeting, when you go out for lunch, if you go to the bathroom or you give yourself a coffee break: always shut down the lights you are not using. Energy saving light bulbs are basic, but a good habit can make them even more effective and convenient.

  10. Heating settingWatch out for the heating

    Before asking to turn up the heat, or vice versa to pump air conditioning, try to bring home a sweater or - in summer - to open the windows. Having an office with tropical temperatures in winter and polar summer is as paradoxical as not sustainable in terms of energy consumption.




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