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Responsive website and Google results: searches on mobile surpass desktop searches

Responsive website and Google results: searches on mobile surpass desktop searches

Until a few years ago, to access resources on the web, we had to be sitting behind a computer, with hands on mouse and keyboard in order to find useful informations depending on our needs.
Today, it is hard to deny the fact that everybody live with a portable device, or almost always, in your pocket or bag, with which we can try everything before we were supposed to do at home or in the office.

At the beginning of this year, we published a news relatively the responsiveness of a website titled:"What's a responsive website? The new rules of Google", according to which are penalized no-responsive websites, resulting in preference by Google to place among the top results pages sites more mobile-friendly.

Today, we can definitely say that "the mobile obercame desktop on Google searches".

In fact, it was recorded, for the first time during this last summer, by Google, the overcoming of the searches carried out by smartphone than a computer. This confirms that the times are changing rapidly, there is an increasing need to stay connected, in- and outdoor, and, now, wherever, you are performing research with your smartphone to get the information that you need quickly and answers congruent with the findings.
We are talking about "mobile", so anything that is identified as mobile traffic from devices with displays equal to or less than six inches: smartphones and almost all phablet. Except for tablets that are not included in the list but do not fall into the category of desktop and laptop computers. All this, according to Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search at the annual conference in California Code Mobile who exposed the actual passing of the research on the mobile vs. desktop.

That said, have you have already tried to verify the responsiveness of your website? We invite you to try:
  1. clicck on
  2. insertyour website address
  3. wait the result in real time about the compatibility of your site with mobile devices
It's never too late to "become responsive"! We invite you to enter in contact with Argo to assess the best solution to make your website mobile-friendly in order to improve and / or optimize your ranking in the top results of Google!



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