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Fake profiles, paedocriminality and pornography are explained in the revisiting of a fairy tale

Fake profiles, paedocriminality and pornography are explained in the revisiting of a fairy tale

The Swiss Crime Prevention organisation (SCP) is committed to raising prevention awareness throughout society as a whole. Responsibility for this lies not only with the police, but also with politicians, other national organisations and offices, non-governmental institutions as well as business and the media.

It is of particular importance the easiness for the public and the private to indicate:

  • suspicion of illegal content on the Internet
  • suspicion of phising
  • suspicion of paedosexual tourism
  • suspicion of trafficking in human beings

thanks to the modules without login in the official website of this Institutional Authority, as you can see in the following screen shot.

PSC Prevenzione Svizzera della Criminalità
After talking about the dangers in the internet on

•    DATA PROTECTION ans IDENTITY THEFT in the fairy tale titled "Ali Gaga and the 40 passwords"

•    ONLINE SHOPPING and TRAP SUBSCRIPTIONS in the tale of "The princess if offered as a gift"

•    CYBERMOBBING in the story of "The young swan and the ducklings (really) ugly"

we would publish our news n.4 whose issue is very current and pressing. The SCP explains, in the protection campaign by internet dangers direct also to the parents with children under 12, the issue of "fake profiles, paedocriminality and pornography" in the internet explaining it through the retelling of the famous fairy tale "the wolf and the seven kids" and change its title in "The big bad wolf in the chat of the seven kids".

In 2001, Interpol has collected over 250.000 pedo-pornografic images from the Web. According to the last data furnished by the police, more than 70% of these images comes from websites and Web spaces and the victims are both girls and boys with particular refer to the latter ones. More than half of girls is aged up to 12/13 years old.

The retelling by the SCP of the famous tale that we propose you in video format and as a pdf document, wants to express a very simple concept but, probably, difficult to perform:"if you want to meet a stranger in order to verify yourself his/her identity, you have to do it only if you are accompanied by a person of trust and you have to arrange to meet only in public places!"

Have a good looking or a good reading!

All the fairy tales are in italian so you can visit the SCP website and chose the language you prefer.




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