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Devices of recycled materials in order to product electronic wastes

Devices of recycled materials in order to product electronic wastes

A news that is able to put two divisions of Argo in contact through and through: Energies and Communication. This became possible thanks to the argument about "recycle" coupled with other argument, the "IT sector". IT sector can finally try an important change that will get the whole sector.

Apple is the first company that seems to realize of the serious environmental impact caused by the production of eletrical devices. Apple expresses its volountee to committ to produce its new devices with 100% recycled materials.

The decision is a credit to the USA company which in this way highlights a sort of self ambition releving teh urgency first con with whom this whole sector have to reduce the resource use and the production of electronic waste that are causing a big envornment impact on the Planet.

The call proposed by Apple is aimed to use recycled materials in the production and il could have an important and positive impact reducing the need of rare metals and other precious resources.

Apple has already committed towards a prodution that use only renewable energy in their own production cycles. In this way, it becomes a real example for the most famous brands of the IT sector like Samsung, Huawei and Microsoft.

So, the safe word is "reduce the environment impact". This would be possible only with the sostitution of the used material with material made of 100% recycled ones for the whol e IT sector and not only this.
The invitation is for "taking a look at the past", when an object was being produced for it ever to hold and easily repair it. Well, this is the committment that the other big companies have to do: designing longest-running devices, easily repairable and, above all, to be recycled to end-of-life.

The first stone is posed. Now's the time to move on to the next one!




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