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Write a marketing e-mail

Write a marketing e-mail

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The email is one of the most confortable and useful means to promote your own products, your site and your company. To be effective, we have to know also communicate in the right way.

When a company of small or medium dimensions is beginning an operation of email marketing, often it has a good offer to do and maybe it has a good database of clients to use. But this is not sufficient. When it starts to write the real message, the writer can have not so clear ideas about how to to get the public interested. Usually, you provide to write a text reach of fabulous word that magnify the current offer, or a professional, cold and detached report about what type pf opportunity is going to go under the nose of the potential customer.

Email marketing consulting veronaThe truth before everything
Wen wewrite the content of the marketing email, we have to understand, moreover, the rules of the good sense.

The service or the product we are going to advertise must be presented for what it is. Th key of the success isn't in the communication. This is only a mean. The key of the success is in the product or n the service (of quality), and in the business system that offers it (efficiency and quality in the relationship with the client). We have to make understand this to the client: that our product is valid and that we are paying attention to the needs of the client and we are ready in serving him/her at best..

If we  exaggerate on the qualities of the product, probably the client will understand it and he will asks himself why we need to "pump" so much the good we're selling.

The lenght
If truth is the basic spirit that should animate our content, the correct length is the form that our text must have. Infact, are few the users who read all the content of the email. The email lends itself to a type of read in levels.

LEVEL 1 – Firstable we start from the heading, that our mailer show us just when the message arrives. The sender and the object of the email are already important to make us decide if open or not the letter.

LEVEL 2– If we decide to continue, normally we read the first lines, not more than 2-3 periods, before taking a new decision. This space corresponds, more or less, to that one shown by a preview visualisation in a mailer. At this point, the user decides if the matter is of interest to him/her. He can choose to send the email directly in the bin or read it (maybe at the moment or later, leaving it in the inbox).Writing a marketing email

LEVEL 3 – The reading till the end of the text. Also in this case, don't forget that users can decide to abandon, when he wants, the reading. This happens in particular when texts are too long and for which ones are unable to arouse interest.

LEVEL 4 – The complete lecture, this is, over the end of the text. Once finished the reading of the email, the user can still decide whether to stay here or go further, going really deepen the question (in the Internet site or maybe in an attachment, even 't if this choise isn't advisable).

How to compose the email

In light of these considerations on the length, maybe now is clearer how the email must be composed. Firstable, we will need of a well done preparation and header well done. Then, it will be necessary to write e asort of  summary, a very short introduction to the product or the service we comercialize. They're the 2 or 3 initial lines that the reader evaluate to decide whether read all or not. They must be clear and intrigue the users, going to the substance of the offer. Now, beginns the real content and, also in this case, pay attention to the substance.

During the message is also a good thing to insert 3-4 lines of presentation of the company. They can bin fondo, e write slightly detached from the end of the real text, so as to present it to the reader in a dry and serious way. Also in this case, it's important to avoid excessive praises or no real merits. It's preferable to point to the market data: if we advertise the selling of a pc and the year before we sold 100,000, this will be the best business card to offer to the potential customer.
Its total lenght mustn't be excessive: 25 lines of 60 characters per lines are already an important mesure. We have to remember that the email mustn't explain all, but give inputs, intrigue, predispose the user.

link internet communications consulting veronaDetails of the offer

In this regard, is almost essential to include at the bottom of the email, the possibility of a deppening: a link which points to a online page of presentation of the offer or an attachment.
If we insert a link, avoid it point to the generic home page of the site, but it must go to the heart of the offer: a specific page, with all the details of the question.

In the presentation of this page, avoid to indicate a generic “for more informations” but you specify a better formula, for example: “the details of the offer and the sheet of the product are online at the address www.companyname.en/product".

An attachment has the advantage to be visible also offline but it lends itself to many other criticals that, instead, don't touch the online page: it may have an incompatible format for the user (whoopen it or maybe see it loosing layout and / or graphics), it may be too heavy, so annoy him, it can't be update if we decide to change some detail and finally it doesn't permit a control of how many people are interested to the detail of the offer.

Avoid errors

In composing our email, we must absolutely pay attention on avoid errors because this is our business card in front of potential clients. If a submission contains errors, the reader will think to have to deal with few not serious persons. So, maximum attention to grammar and spelling.
Furthermore, simplicity is useful. Don't look for irony or sarcasm which will be inapposite and difficult to understand. Don't look for redundant formula or intelligent models. Write in a simple and natural way. The development of the text point by point can help the reading and give informations in a correct and concise way.
Moreover, also the form has its importance. Beyond the format it's good to structure and range the letter in order to provide an easy reading: 2-3 initial lines as a summary presentation of the offer, the real text (maybe points or paragraphs with well-separated), the reference for the deepening of details, the note in closing about society..

Success of email marketingThe success of the email marketing

The success of a campaign of email marketing depends on lots of factors, first of all, the goodness of product and of the service advertised. This alone isn't enough, and we need to invest in the preparation of the campaign. We tried to give some good advertise of good sense. It's always valid also another advertise: to turn to specialists. The email marketing functions, and is a tool to hold in high regard.




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