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Sutainable mobility thanks to bamboo inside the car

Sutainable mobility thanks to bamboo inside the car

Bamboo has been know for its multiple uses in furniture industry and accessories. It's an unprecidented and very liked renewable material that is spreading on Western markets enough to attract the attention of the automobile facturer Ford that promises to realize more resistent and more sustainable vehicles by usingthe characteristics and propertiers of this new material.

It's still hard to imagine a bamboo car but in not too distant future this could be possible on Ford's cars. Infact, in recent years, Ford has researched and evaluated the possibility of using bamboo inside Ford's cars in order to use its tensile strenght and its eco-sustainable nature. Bamboo could be use to build and reinforce some characteristics of the new Ford's cars, in conjunction with plastic aimed to  the creation of a super-resistent material. According to Ford's studies on bamboo, this material responds better to stress tests for example the carbon or other metalsan d natural ones: bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material characterized by an excellent tensile strenght.

Janet Yin, the Materials Engineering Supervisor at Nanjing Research & Engineering Centre of Ford explains:

"Bamboo is incredible.It's strong, flexible, totally renewable and abundant in China and in many parts of Asia.".

The benefits of the bamboo have well-known for over a century: a bamboo plant reaches its full maturity in just 2 years, no more than 5 years, as opposed to other plants that need decades tore ach their satisfying dimensions. This means, an easily availability and regeneration of this material.

Among other strenght and impact tests, Ford aslo tried to heat bamboo to over 212° Fahrenheit in order to assure that it is able to keep its integrity at high temperatures in case of an accident. Ford  considers that the use of recycled and sustainable materials in the production of cars is not just limited to bamboo: the Ford Society recently announced that it is working in order to consider the use of agave plants by the producer of tequila, Jose Cuervo. This action is aimed to create more sustainable bioplastic to use into Ford's vehicles. This is only the beginning in a long series of improvements aimed to guarantee of more and better environemntal protection worldwide.




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