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Landing Pages: the right  landing into the website

Landing Pages: the right landing into the website

Reference: Sninynews

Doesn't exist only the home page for the access of your web world. Anzi, in certi casi, bisogna proprio fare in modo che non sia la home page la pagina di atterraggio del sito.landing pages versus home pages

When you find to a website, is normal to consider the home page as the input door in your house, shop or office online. Infact, this is but it isn't the only way to enter to the Web contents. Research engines index all pages of a site and in theory, users can enter from any part. The deep link, are those link that create itself on the web between site and site, as they were references (external) to deepen an argument or to do an action that isn't possible to develop on the start site. 

The deep links can reach any page on the site. For this, when you realize firstable the structure and the the contents f the site, we must pay maximum attention on each page.

Landing page

Also in this case can not be sufficient moreover in case of activities online for which you do commercial investments. In key of Web marketing, is fundamental to reason also on the so called landing pages. Each campaign of marketing online is finalized to the reach of a goal, of a conversion. Landing pages are of fundamental importance to increase the tax conversion so that to increase the number of users that  do the desired action and so, in some way, they become our clients. Landing pages are the pages of our potential customers on our site.

When they are indispensable

Clarified the concept of landing pages, is clear that some cases are absolutely indispensable. Each time you implement a Web marketing campaign, you must provide a landing page. Whether it's coming from banner, from research engines, by keyword advertising or from campaign of e-mail marketing, the landing page must pick up the direct traffic to our site and provides a immediate response to the user/client.

marketing online technical services company web communications veronaWhy the landing pages

The immediate response to the user/client is the key to understand what they are and how must be structured the landing pages. Landing pages aren't structural pages of the site or they must not be. A user from a campaign of marketing online mustn't arrive to the normal pages of the site, because here is difficult for him to find  the immediate answer to his requests.

We aren't talking about a normal traffic, of users aimed to information desire or knowledge. They are users from campaign of marketing online and so already selected, and already addressed towards a specific goal (the conversion). In the landing pages, without further steps internal the site should have the opportunity to proceed with the conversion.

Be direct

In order to accomplish any types of conversion, infact, is decisive the fact that the user is addresses immediatley and without loos of time towards his goal. If he comes from campaign of Web marketing, he already knows what awaits him because he received the first guideline from banners or from e-mail, or he research something in the engine. So, the landing page must contein directly what he expects to find to complete the operation.

The compliance landing page-campaign

It's fundamentale, in this respect, that there is full compliance between the content of the advertising campaign and the content of the landing page. The landing page, must be built as the natural continuation and completion of a certain advertising campaign. Both the point of view of the graphics and of the content, la landing page must be realized as integral part of the campaign of marketing, purified of course by the typical elements of appeal of an advertising message.

This means that for each campaign of marketing the landing page will be different, responding in full to the advertising message and integrated to it (and the rest of the site) in terms of graphics and content. If in the advertising message you promise to a user a sale of 20% on the items for sale, in the landing page he must find the promotions already in progress. If you invite to fill in a form in exchange of a gift, in the landing page you must present the form to fill in and the details of the promised gift , and so on. Get to any page on the site - also the home - after a campaign of marketing, is the first way to lose the potential client.

campaign of marketing in veronaThe content

However, remember that the landing page, even if it has been customized in function of a campaign of marketing, is also the entry page to your site and it's not a simple page indexed by the engine and returned to the user then in function of a specific request of him/her.

It's the entry page for excellence of the promotion and sales channel. In this sense, it acts also a function oas an home page, but particular one: it's the home page of the specific conversione, goal of the campaign of marketing. For this, over all the  appropriate measures of persuasion, in the  landing page, must be at least 3 elements:

  • Who we are and the mission;
  • the goal of the conversion;
  • a menu for the surfing of the site.

In this way, the user have the possibility to complete his action and enetr in the site and in the e nella business presence online.




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