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Who is an Energy Manager (EM) and what is his role?

Who is an Energy Manager (EM) and what is his role?


The main tasks of an Energy Manager are as follows:

  • identification of actions of the interventions of the procedures and anything else necessary to promote the rational use of energy;

  • preparation of energy balances depending also on the economic parameters and the final energy uses.

Some people working in the industrial, residential, commercial and transport are also now obliged to nominadell'EM.
In fact, it is often a formal appointment and not always attributed to specialized professionals and experts.

Role taken if you are acting on behalf of a party obliged, but not required, formalized communication under the terms of the law FIRE - Italian Federation of Rational Use of Energy, agency entrusted by the Ministry of Economic Development - which maintains the list.

The assignment can be hired by subject both internal and external to the institution or company. Unfortunately, in many cases, at the above contravention of the Law 10/91 and its Circular, citing the lack of specific constraint (mandatory qualifications, training or experience), Energy Manager appointed have no direct competence in the energy sector, for which the task is expressed in mere compilation and submission of the form containing the recording of energy consumption in the previous year.




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