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Buy in the internet: purchases by ecommerces are increasing

Buy in the internet: purchases by ecommerces are increasing

Source: ANSA

Is experiencing a significant increase in the number of surfers-consumers seeking information online and conclude purchases on e-commerce on the network.

We are talking about an increase that reaches to 34% in 2012 compared with 30% in 2011. The data emerging from the second day of B-com, the event dedicated to the protagonists of web-marketing and e-commerce promoted by Gl events at the Lingotto Fiere in Turin.

As for the monthly survey data, conducted in collaboration with Human Highway trend of online shopping of the Italians, with a particular focus on the use of mobile devices in e-shopping, we talk about data which are growing at triple number (+165% year on year).

Purchases from mobile devices, in fact, increased from 4% in 2012 to over 10% in 2013.

Among the wide range of e-commerce, Argo wants to pay particular attention, such as technical  company of services and consulting also made in the areas of Energies and Environment, the ecological and environmentally sustainable e-commerce are increasingly taking hold in the network.

Solar toys, eocological gift idease4e,it is the ecommerce ecological created by the Communications Division of Argo, in collaboration with Mec srl in Turin: it is a sustainable ecommerce offering solar games, gadgets, solar and wood products 100% Made in Italy.

Exclusive products in Italy with regard to the design, production and sale of these eco-friendly items in wood online to fit that move when exposed to light because of the sun with photovoltaic panel!

Solar excavator New Holland woodYou find them ONLY on at affordable prices, with the possibility of purchasing from single piece, packs of 25 and 50 pieces ...

and for the Companies? ... We offer the ability to customize the gadgets customizing them with your company brand for purchases from 50 pieces ...

If you are looking for a gift idea ecological and original, is the eco-friendly ecommerce that is right for you, do not miss this opportunity!




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