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Online the new website of AssoEGE Association Energy Management Experts

Online the new website of AssoEGE Association Energy Management Experts

AssoEGE presents the new website of the Energy Management Experts Association and shows the purpose and the activities carried out so far for promote the figure of the Expert in Energy Management.
President of the Association is the founder Michele Santovito, flanked by Vice President Andrea Tomiozzo, owner of Argo Ltd and Head of Division Environment and Energy Division.

As mentioned above, this new association presents the figure of the Expert in Energy Management (EGE) introduced by Legislative Decree no. 115/2008, which identifies and defines how the

"person who has the knowledge, experience and skills needed to manage the use of energy efficiently."

Expert in Energy Management

As an Association, AssoEGE, develops its activities based on its statute in which they are expressed clearly the following objectives:

  1. enhance and promote the figures of the experts in the management of 'Energy (EGE) certified according to UNI CEI 11339:2009 accredited by a third party;
  2. create and maintain a network among its members for the purpose of comparison and dissemination of technical information, scientific and standards in the area of interest, and the dissemination of information outside the network between members will be subject to written authorization of the owner of the information same
  3. encourage and promote the development of energy efficiency culture in institutions and enterprises, national, Community and international
  4. promoting institutional dialogue with the representatives of energy policy at national and local level;
  5. promote the development of agreements of mutual interest between members and other organizations and institutions, public and private;
  6. implement and spread each type of instrument, is an intellectual and technical, capable of fulfilling the objectives of the Energy Efficiency such as, but not limited to, energy audits, benchmarking, systems of detection and analysis, contracts tied to performance indicators, etc.;
  7. protect, in every home, the professional, economic and technical of the EGE members, being able to also take the representation;
  8. contribute to the analysis and solution of problems related to the Corporate Purpose, with a focus on legislative reform, national and Community, and regulation of the energy efficiency.

The EGE members have been operating as professionals or in energy service companies and energy managers of major national groups active in the industrial, service, commercial and local public services.

To deepen the activities, meetings, conferences, training courses and anything else concerning AssoEGE association, please freely visit the new site online!



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