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Salvation is in the copy

Salvation is in the copy

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For the modern companies, data are essential but also fragile goods. To avoid problems caused by the loss of informations is necessary to act constant and frequent backup operations.

enterprise backup verona
That data and informations are foundamental for modern companies, small or big they are, is by now a concept widely accepted. Too often, you tend to forget that data are also fragile goods, subject to many risks and dangers. From virus to the cracks of hard disks, and finally with the physical incidents, data in a computer company can vanish together with their support. In some cases, some complex procedures of retrieval can also bring to their recovery but this can be long, expensive, and sometimes only partial. For these reasons, a company must always provide a copy of the data: backup is not only appropriate, it's necessary.

Know data
To define the most suitable policy of backup to your own company, it's necessary first of all know data you have. Infact, exist informations and data for which is really useless to proceed with copies. Knowing exactly, into the entire company, what are foundamental data and what those are negligible isn't so simple yet.

Ideally, all the PC company were advised on how to save data: sensible informations could go all towards the same folder of Documents;  furthermore also for e-mails should exist a distinction between the relevant communications and the negligible ones. To realize this uniformity, you can identify some guide lines decided by the Direction and transmitted to employers with the request to follow them scrupulously.

important data to be saved in backup copyWhich data to save in backup
The seem trivial: all those data which loss could become a problem for the company. Then you couls define a scale of priorities for indicate the vital ones, those are useful but not foundamental and the negligible ones.

Not to forget anything you can follow the suggestions set out below.
Among vital data must be surely considered documents produced internally by the company: database, clients' contacts, the inventory of warehouses, the orders and sales register, financial data, projects. Moreover, between these data we must consider also the internal and external foundamental communications and the policy documents.
At the end, if it doesn't lie with third parties, naturally files of your own Internet website.

Then, exists a serie of important and useful informations for your own work, but not vital ones: among these there are, for example, routine communications of work, folders of favorite websites, drafts or documents feed of projects, configuration files of hardware and software company.
So, the negligible files are the personal ones of employers, ordinary mail, provate documents, programs installed (always recoverable from the original disk).
Once identified the priorities, you can establish, also in function of the total volume of data, which ones must be necessarily saved (and in a effective way), those that can be saved if the general contions permitt to do it without problems and the negligible ones.

An effective backup

copy of corporation backup ok

Backup is important, when it's effective. How much history can lose a company without create a irreparable harm? Based on the response, you must provide an automatic backup of all the vital data of all the machines with prefixed expire dates: a day, a week, a month. As a general rule, the daily backup is always more and more effective compared to that provided for different maturities: even if the volume of work becomes significant from week to week, you can't predict on which day you will draft a living document.
In addition to the enterprise server, then, could be always good thing do the backup on a mobile device (even a DVD), that can be easily moved essere spostato facilmente in order not to jeopardize it in case of physical damages to the company headquarters.

This could very well be a secondary backup, perhaps with a less urgent basis the primary backup.




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