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The news strategic philosophy: the Content Marketing VS Traditional Publicity

The news strategic philosophy: the Content Marketing VS Traditional Publicity

Argo is the group who is always in search of new hints for a constant upload on new strategies of communication and marketing.

In relation to the marketing, this is a deepening dedicated to the strategic transformation of the communication from traditional advertising to the so-called "content marketing".

First of all, "going content marketing" (or strategy of contents) is the ability to create content attracting customers towards your business or website.

The comprehension of this new communication strategy requires an important evolution of the way of think, a change that lies in the  in the concpet itself of 'marketing' as the 'understanding and meeting the needs of the market' as opposed to the tradition and misinterpretation of 'sales technique' of what is produced.

The logic of content marketing is very close to the famous saying "It's a question of quality, instead of quantity" and exactly for this reason, companies and, above all, the digital marketers are discovering the efficacy to start using quality contents, aimed to explain, inform, educate, deepen and, why not, also entertain visitors, increasing qualified contacts and contracts, generate turnover, retain customers and transform them into spontaneous promoters of your brand (the logic of 'word of mouth').

A concrete example of content marketing is one of the simplest everyday experiences, the approach with the sellers. Those ones who have been retained in our mind, the seller of a home appliances shop who, for his/her demonstrated competence and professionalism in the presentation of the characteristics of an applaince, could have been the creator of that appliance. Or else, the seller of cars who showed us clearly some models of the competitors (at his/her own risk) explaining advantages and disadvantages: all these professional figures didn't sold us quantity, but, they sold us consultancy and competence, and they convinced us of the effective quality of their products.

Fortunately, also the Italian market is welcoming with a focus on the theme of 'content marketing' as a source of business, so turnover, new customers, new players, new opportunities.

The transformation of traditional publicity into content marketing: the new strategies of the quality

The World of the Web is a always changing world and our SMEs and the professionists are always more and more taking consciousness of how and how much the web is a fundamental and necessary resource to perpetuate this new typology of two-way communication through a positive revolution to embrace to ensure a present and a future.

The web lives of contents, of informations, of texts and it's for this reason that the 'content marketing', as 'strategy of contents' has lower costs than the traditional advertising and it guarantees greater economic returns.The problem is that, often, enterprises aren't so convinced at cause of the anxiety of results and of the performances claims in short periods of time, sometimes in  too short periods (this is understandable, but unfortunately counterproductive).

The italian companies, artisans, professionals are starting to detect the necessity to open up to the web challenges such us the 'content marketing' but it is up to the professionals in the sector, as Argo is, encourage them and assist them by allowing the quality of the customers can emerge and take over the space they deserve.

The role played by the marketers in this sector is not only a relevant role rather, a figure of great responsibility because it is fundamental the capacity of creation and analysis of an effective strategy of 'content marketing'.
Each strategy must be thought and tailored
, according to the typology of customers, the category of products and /or offered services and his real needs, starting from the valuation of a web platform suitable to every single case (website, blog, e-commerce, other). This has to be well-designed and structured,
alongside a frame of social channels effectively managed.

The mental change of the perception of those companies who still believe in the 'traditional marketing' as a model of business, often related to the idea of the famous brands, status symbols recognized in the world, is the new new task fixed by Argo, as a professional in the sector of the communications.

We have to aim to a strategy able to transform this traditional perception that, in 90% of cases, won't be effective no more.

The perfect solution is 'doing content marketing'.

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