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The retelling tale that explains the dangers of Internet addiction

The retelling tale that explains the dangers of Internet addiction

The Swiss Crime Prevention organisation (SCP) is committed to raising prevention awareness throughout society as a whole. Responsibility for this lies not only with the police, but also with politicians, other national organisations and offices, non-governmental institutions as well as business and the media.

It is of particular importance the easiness for the public and the private to indicate:

  • suspicion of illegal content on the Internet
  • suspicion of phising
  • suspicion of paedosexual tourism
  • suspicion of trafficking in human beings

thanks to the modules without login in the official website of this Institutional Authority, as you can see in the following screen shot.

All the fairy tales are in italian so you can visit the SCP website and chose the language you prefer.

PSC Prevenzione Svizzera della Criminalità

Our fifth news of a series of fairy tales that have been written with a new style by the SCP which used them to write about current issues as the dangers in the internet.

The criminal prevention campaign on the internet, intended for parents with children up to 12, writes about different issues: from the DATA PROTECTION AND IDENTITY THEFT to the ONLINE PURCHASES AND TRAP SUBSCRIPTIONS. From the CYBERMOBBING to the FAKE PROFILES, PAEDOCRIMINALITY AND PORNOGRAPHY to arrive to this important issue concerning "ADDICTION TO INTERNET".

The retelling of the story of the most famous brothers in the world of the fairy tales that are lost in the wood and arrive near a very attractive, magic and "greedy house", in which lives a bad witch is perfect to write about the "addiction to internet".

Reinterpreting this story, you can associate the internet with the thick wood in which you can loose forever and the internet café of the witch represents the website that your children like and they surf for many hours every day. In that café is very simple to get into ... the same is true for the "out"?

We wish you a good vision or a good reading and try to find the answer to the question...




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