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Smart Engine is the engine that transforms every bycicle in an electric bike

Smart Engine is the engine that transforms every bycicle in an electric bike

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We often write on topics related to sustainable mobility, touching topics such as the oppotunity to use one day cars that drive themselves or travel in the highway alongside a truck without driver thanks to "Otto", the new start-up made in the USA; more, you can use a SolarBike, cycling to sustainable solar energy. In the wake of this example of sustainable mobility, it is good to admit the fact that more and more people are choosing to travel by bicycle.

Accomplices the high cost of insurance or other vehicles; the will to pollute less the Planet and, why not, the desire to make the healthy physical activities at no additional cost, however, is not always possible to use a bicycle, especially in cities where its use for travel often proves dangerous. Even in countries and most inaccessible places, unless you are a real athletes, it may be difficult to move in green way. For this reason, some people opt for the electric bicycle that surely provides a viable alternative and a considerable help in the movements but most of the time, even electric bicycles reveal high prices that not everyone can afford.

Fortunately, today there is an economic and simple solution to allow everyone to have an electric bike: an intelligent and economical prototype of engine, to everyone, that can be easily installed on any bike and turn it into an electric bicycle, it is called "Smart Engine".

Anders Sundin, technical director of Semcon explains

"The needs and desires of the typical cyclist are what made us start. The benefits of electrified bikes are obvious, but existing solutions are expensive and complex. This is why we have developed an engine that is compatible with any bike and easily shared with friends and family".

Smart Engine is the engine that makes the electric bicycle with a power of 150 watts and weighs just over a kilogram as well as being easy to install and remove. It is controlled by a small computer that, to maximize the battery life, only activates when it detects a pedaling speed between 7 and 25 km/h.
This ensures a comfortable ride, easy and safe.
To date, Smart Engine is a prototype not yet available for final consumers, however, the manufacturer is looking for investors interested in making small engine a reality.




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